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If you'd like to have your portrait painted by our resident artist and added here for all of the city to see, please be sure to fill out the Portrait Form in detail!

Once it is finished and posted you'll receive a message to that effect.

Please note that any profane or obscene submissions will be deleted without consideration

Character Name
Be sure to add any accent or distinguishing marks AOTT doesn't recognize

Character Title
Nobility Clergy

Country of Origin

Physical Characteristics
Age Height Weight

Eyes: Colour and Shape Hair: Colour, Length and Style

Complexion Distinguishing Facial Characteristics

Build Type Distinguishing Physical Characteristics

Favourite Attire
Cloak Jacket

Hat Gloves

Shawl Scarf

Shirt Trousers

Vest Tie

Blouse Skirt

Dress Sash

Socks Shoes

Favourite Jewellery
Necklace Bracelet

Brooch Hairclip

Earrings Ring

Facial Expression Demeanor IE Aloof, Wistful, Happy Stance IE Standing, Sitting, Lounging

Character Description
As listed in your Profile

Additional Requests or Portrait Inclusions
Backgrounds, Favourite Items, Colours, Etc

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