De Base Équipement
(Basic Equipment)
This is the main directory to find your way around the Galerie!
Accoutrements de Régimentaires
(Regimental Goods)
Véhicules de Paris
(Transportation of Paris)
Galerie de Paris
Modes de Paris
(Fashions of Paris)
Fleuris Bijoux
(Ornate Jewelry)
Galerie des Armes
(Gallery of Weapons)
Immobiliers de Ville
(City Real Estate)
Fidèles Aides
(Loyal Helpers)
Ouvré pour le Maison
(Crafted for the House)
Hall des Objects Façonnés
(Hall of Artifacts)
Seuls Éléments
(Unique Items)
Criminels et Sauvages Bêtes
(Criminals and Wild Beasts)
Puzzles et Spéciales Recherches
(Puzzles and Special Quests)
Royales Chambres
(Royal Chambers)
Nobles Verticales
(Noble Portraits)
Les Vacances
(The Holidays)
Tid bits d'information
(Tidbits of Information)
This is simply my interpretation of what I think items look like in Age of the Throne. Where it is possible I have asked the designers for their aid and final approval.

If you find something that you created and I didn't consult you on it, the reason is simply I did not know it was yours. If you let me know, I will adjust it accordingly.

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