Everyone needs basic equipment whether you've just landed in the city or have resided there for many many years. Some time you'll run across a need for some of those things considered basic needs.
Fondations de Ménage
(Household Basics)
De Base Équipement
(Basic Equipment)
Communes Fondations
(Common Basics)
Fondations Curatives
(Healing Basics)
Fondations d'Église
(Church Basics)
Fondations Diverses
(Miscellaneous Basics)
Fondations de Jeu
(Gambling Basics)

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All common basic items available for sale at The General Store located in The Great Square
Money must be earned
All common household items available from a member of the Royal House
Keys available for purchase from Gabriel's Locksmiths located on Valle de Miserre
All church basics available through a Clergy member
All healing basics available from the various Herbal Shops scattered throughout the city
All miscellaneous basics can be found at different shops around the city
All gambling basics can be found at The House of Gambling located on Vielle Rue de Temple

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