Cardinal's Guard

The Cardinal's Guard is a member of the Household Brigade

The Commander is currently Colonel Fredrick de Ardennes

NoOne serves as the Regimental Adjutant

The Cardinal's Guard holds Cardinal Bishop Mazarin as their political patron

Founded, 10th November, 1625
Re-founded, 29th November, 1653

'Death is certain, the real uncertainty is how you live.'

Firstly, greetings monsieur or madame, to the regiment review document of the Cardinal's Guard, you are most welcome good citizen to peruse at will the contents contained herein.

The Cardinal's Guard is the most distinguished regiment in Paris, we are not only an elite regiment amongst the elite, but also serve and defend the church as part of our mandate, and as such we wear the emblemmed sash denoting three ornate golden crosses with stoic honour and consumate pride.

In this regiment we are first and foremost in service to his Eminence, The Cardinal Bishop Mazarin. All our actions are considered with this factor to the forefront, our deeds and loyalty always reflect upon this aspect to uphold his most esteemed prominence.

Fundamentally, if one cannot conduct oneself honourably, whether it be towards non-regimented citizenry or soldiers of opposing enemy ranks, in either speech, manner or fair actions, then you're not it must be emphasised, of the required 'Cardinal' material.

The regiment adheres to the practise of keeping friendly etiquette even with other enemy regiments as one of its noble aims, other regiments may degenerate into petty bickering, we do not. Although, behind our polite discipline is a steely resolve that it isn't advisable for those that try our patience to test.

The Church of France is a power to be reckoned with and as such if you decide to cross blades with the Cardinal's Guard, then you'll experience the guided force of some of the finest, most accomplished practitioners in the noble art of swordfighting this fair city of Paris has to offer, although always with the prized values of honour intact, ever apparent in our demeanour and station.

So, if you feel you're equal to the responsibility of maintaining what is considered to be the 'Elite of the Elite' and you believe you can measure up to our exacting personal standards, then you should consider joining us and equally, we'll consider your application.

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