King's Musketeers

The King's Musketeers is a member of the Household Brigade

The Commander is currently Colonel Lytha

Captain Sabersun serves as the Regimental Adjutant

The King's Musketeers hold King Louis XIII as their political patron

The King's Musketeers Values

1. Without question, all of us are members of the most prestigious, honourable and note-worthy regiment in France's history. As such, we set the standards others follow. We act on behalf of the King of France and as such we act beyond reproach. We are the best of the best. We are THE elite.
2. We know that not only our actions on the battlefield, but also our actions off it reflect upon ourselves, our commanders, our fellow officers and our regiment as a whole. As such, we never allow ourselves to be drawn into childish, petty or immature actions or retaliations.
3. King's Musketeers will always have pride in their regiment. A defeat, low regiment honour, a mission failure, an enemy boasting - these things only bother you if you are ashamed of them and no King's Musketeer should ever have reason to feel ashamed of their performance or their regiment as long as it has acted with honour and has given a task it's all. We will always be the best, as long as we know we are the best.
4. When our enemies sink to less than desirable actions, we do not. We are better than them. We know that just because someone else does something, it does not mean we should do it or that it is the right thing to do.
5. Defeat is not something a King's Musketeer is concerned with providing we fought honourably and to the best of our ability. A honourable defeat tells us we need to practice more. A dishonourable one tells us our enemy fears us so much they cannot win honourably.
6. The King's Musketeers are a family. We will always take care of each other. We will always be willing to sacrifice ourselves to help a fellow-officer. We will always forget our personal differences in battle. Unity is a greater weapon than any sword.

BE WARNED: Loyalty, pride, dedication and hard work are the basis of the King's Musketeers. A lack of ability with a sword can be resolved and will be when you join the King's Musketeers. A poor attitude cannot.

If you lack the loyalty, pride, dedication or ability to work hard, you need not apply to the King's Musketeers. Our enemies will happily consider your application.

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