Queen's Guard

The Queen's Guard is a member of the Horse Guards Brigade

The Commander is currently Colonel Anabella

Laurence Monette serves as the Regimental Adjutant.

The Queen's Guard holds Queen Anne of Austria as their political patron

We are a regiment of brothers and sisters who all fight together for one cause, to serve our patron Queen Anne with honour and dignity, and to protect our country from all who shall try and cast harm upon it. We work together to try and accomplish anything that we set forth to do. We will always be there for one another during our struggles to aid them in whatever way possible.

If you believe in your heart you can committ yourself to not only serve the needs of yourself but serve those in the regiment with you and to serve our Queen, then look no furthur and come talk to one of us as we will accept you with open arms.

Long live the Queen, and long live France!

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